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    Dennis lives to know and love Jesus deeply and is impassioned for others to experience a thriving relationship with God. He has traveled and ministered in various nations and carries a message to awaken hearts to love Jesus and live with raw holiness- to give everything completely to Him, and never look back. In 2016 he founded Awakened Generation with the longing to see an authentic family of believers center around the person and presence of God and reveal the glory of Jesus through their lives. Dennis has lived a few years serving in Asia as a missionary and now lives on mission in Eastern Europe.



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    Nicole Rae Qureshi is a full-time mom and wife, who is passionate about community and living a presence-driven life. While pursuing her BFA at The Stockton College of New Jersey, Nikki went on an intimate journey with Jesus that revealed to her the power of God’s creativity and how passionate the Father is about our own personal creativity.


    As a single mom, she then attended Global School, where she completed 2 years. She met her husband there and was married, and went on to intern for Thomas Holloway (Assistant Director of Global School) where she helped to pastor and administrate the first-year school program. Nikki discovered that she is a strong, passionate worshipper who follows the lead of the Holy Spirit. Her life is marked by generous love, radical faith, and genuine joy.


    She is one, who seeks the Lord through relationship and discipleship. Nikki goes above and beyond to serve whoever is right in front of her, as well as to give prophetic input to help people and ministries grow. 

    Nikki currently lives in Mechanicsburg PA, with her husband Eli, and three children (Jayden, Nailah, Elliahna). Together, Nikki and Eli are passionate lovers of Jesus, who live from a personal relationship with God and to fulfill the Great Commission.