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About Dennis

At the age of 17, shortly after doing time in a juvenile detention center, Dennis recommitted his life to the Lord at a youth service at a church in Tacoma, Washington State. He was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit and began to passionately serve the local church. Around that time, he and his friends began to seek out various opportunities to love God and other people, especially the non-churched, broken, and complacent in their city and the surrounding areas. His pursuit led him on a few international and domestic mission trips and his heart was ignited to see people serve God in the nations with a lifestyle characterized by an authentic devotion to Jesus Christ. All this time, an insatiable hunger to see what the Word teaches to be actually be lived out continued to grow inside him. In 2016 after completing a 2-year ministry school program with Global Awakening followed with an internship serving and traveling with Dr. Randy Clark, Awakened Generation was founded to further that continuing conviction of witnessing an authentic, communal and empowered expression of Christianity rise up in view of the worthiness of God. Dennis has traveled to various nations and when he speaks its with a heart-cry for revival, calling for people to deeply and personally know Jesus and to give their lives to Him. Dennis currently lives serving on the mission field in the continent of Asia and serves under an international non-profit that serves the “least of these” of their local city and nation.


Awakened Generation was founded to partner with God to see lives and communities transformed by encountering the Person and presence of God. We exist to equip believers to live wholeheartedly in Him and to do the works of Christ, expressing the truth and divine love of God by the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to serve, ignite, build relationships, and raise up passionate lovers.


Ignite: Awakened Generation was birthed out of the calling to ignite the saints to walk in joyful holiness and in a life characterized by love, radical obedience, and a sound understanding of the truth of God found in the Bible, so that each believer might manifest a tangible expression of who God is in the world around them.


Serve: We aim to reach out into specific areas of the world to share the power of the Gospel by partnering with local ministries and supporting their vision. A core belief is maintained that the Holy Spirit works through the corporate body of the Church to bring about the full purpose of God’s Kingdom. It’s with this belief that Awakened Generation has the ambition of coming alongside the various members of the body of Christ to serve and partner with them in Christ’s mandate. We believe that together we’ll be far more effective than we would be alone.


Build relationships: Scripture shows that God’s earnest desire is for the Body of Christ to rise into her fullest potential. In view of Eph 4:!3, the heart of Awakened Generation is to build bridges and honor our family in Christ everywhere. A core value of ours is to honor relationships and to prioritize one another in our pursuit of attaining our personal visions and dreams so we could co-operate together, as each person would add value to other for the “bigger picture" of the Kingdom of God, (Eph 4:16, Phil 2:3).


Raise up passionate lovers: Ultimately, everything comes back to and flows out of a passionate and laid-down life for Jesus. The aim of this ministry is to bring people into an encounter with God and by experiencing His presence, love, and goodness people could enjoy the freedom of a life completely and absolutely laid-down in surrender to Jesus Christ.